Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friends until we DIE

Hye ,
Today I want to tell you about my friends during I am in Maahad Hamidiah .
Hope you'll enjoy !

Firstly , when I enter this school , I don't know anyone .. until I met my old friend , SAFUAN SAMAD .. From that moment I began to enjoy become a student at MH . Hehe
Initially I felt so awkward because of the environment at the new school . After all , I'm new students at here.

Two day letters I started to became a hostel student and since that day I make friends with maahad students .. one by one .. and since then A NEW FRIENDSHIP WAS BORN .. Fraternity began to establish ..

after they got their result in PMR . They all decided to leave me , to leave Maahad Hamidiah ... At First , I was so sad .. but when I thought back .. there may be wisdom ... huhu but never mind I will contact them until I entered adulthood .. Hehehe

The FRIENDS who left me is :
1) M.Amirul Shamil B. Shahrin . (Malay red shirt) 

2) M.Afiq B. Marzuki  

3) M.Akmal Thaqib B. Berahim

4) M.Izzatullah B. Mahazan

5) M. Amir B. Daud

6) M.Amirul Anwar B. Badrul Hisham 

7) Abdullah Asim B. Che Abdul Rahim

8) M.Hafizuddin B. Md Jaki

9 ) M.Nor Hazim B. Abu Bakar

10) M. Amir Zharif B. Yusoff & M. Arshad B. Atan

12) M. Amin Khairuzain B. Khairul Anuar

13) A. Haziq B. Edhan