Monday, April 23, 2012


Facebook has brought communication to new levels. Through the super network of computer, we are now able to exchange information with people around the world.
Facebook most important use if for communication. Through the facebook, people can send private message. It also costs practically nothing. This is indeed in a far cry from snail mail, which takes much longer and costs more.
People are now able to keep in touch with their family members overseas. Besides, we can connect our old friends. We also can make new friends at facebook.
Facebook hal also brought about advancement in the social arena. Online chatting has also brought new perspective to the dating game – you are now able to get to know someone without actually going on a date, thus saving time and money.
Facebook therefore has brought about many advantages. If use wisely, there are huge benefits to be reaped. One thing is for sure, the facebook is here to stay.


  1. i think Facebook can be both..angel and devil
    much depend on ourselves..huhu

    1. I totally agree with you..
      everything depends on the users themselves..

      btw, i love the word 'dating game'..hehe

  2. Hi..

    fauzul, you give me a wrong password and email address..
    i cant open your blog..