Monday, April 23, 2012


Nowadays , smoke had become trend among teenagers. Do you know ? that smoking is dangerous for our health. Statistic of smokers has increased from year to year. Most of them think that smoking can release tension. But after all, they all were wrong. Smoking make their life become worst.
            Many type of disease can easily attack the smoker such as blood cancer and physical effect. Some of the smokers know about the serious bad effect of smoking but they just ignore it. The physical effect that usually attack the smokers is yellowish stain on the fingers. Besides that, facial wrinkers will appear at on early age.
            The smoker’s health will can also badly damage. It can cause throat cancer, mouth and lungs. This cancer can easily attack the smokers because cigarettes smoke contain carcinogens. Cigarettes also contain nicotine and carbon monoxide that can increase heart rate. It also raises the risk of high blood pressure. Smokers have bad breath and stained teeth from nicotine, which is a poisonous substances in tobacco that people become addicted to.
            Smoking also pollutes the air. The smoke that pollutes air can cause damage to the respiratory system. Smoking not only affect the smokers but also the people around the smoker. Schools should do programmes about the disadvantages of smoking.
            As a conclusion , smoking is dangerous for the smoker itself and also people around them. There are many things than we can do rather than smoking. Smoking just waste money and damages the health.

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